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Wednesday, February 2


The rate at which the girls are getting extinct these days.... (extinct because of female foeticide), it would not be considered as exaggeration if we say that the day is near when all these beautiful angels of god will be left no more.. Imagine the condition of the world, how messy it would be or how guile it could be.
suppose all they men getting up in the morning and realizing no lady by their side , even in their home ... not a single lady in this whole world... what i mean to say is that think once what if one day all the ladies gets disaapear... what will happen... the first and the foremost thing the boys will be doing is to thank god for this.(the reason is in the following paragraph, have patience)..
now atleast the dont have to fulfill all the stupid wishes of their girlfriends (boys think they are stupid but actually they are not). Nobody will ask them for food and movie and all that stuff which boys hesitate to answer...and moreover nobody is going to call them and ask again and again where are they????
the biggest advantage they will get after the disappearance of these humble souls is now the cosmetic companies will focus full flgedly on them... Now males are the new target audience for them and target age group is 19+ because ageing is not a problem for our dear boys...
But for whom they are going to beautify themself or with whom they will be hanging out, if they dont want to stay back home..and when they will have no money to eat out then who is going to cook various delicacies for them... but the anomaly is that they will not have shortage of money because there will be nobody to spend on..
This paragraph is specially for the people who have given their time to my article and to me too, a girl
whenever you see your sister, mother, girlfriend or any lady who is special in your life... do thank them as atleast once in your lifetime they might have given you or will give you the moment on which you could proud off.. they have made your life worth living and sustaining. respect them because they deserve it.... they made sacrifices for you.... comprimises for you which are priceless.... i didnt mean to say that we females only do this sacrificing part... and thinks for you... what i mean to say is that even our male counterparts are equally important and we are incomplete without them... Nothing is possible without girls and everything is impossible without boys..