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Sunday, September 18


The much talked about note for vote scam in which amar singh is alleged to be involved or said to be the mastermind of the same, is not over yet. He was booked in tihad for 4-5 days and then in AIIMS , traumatised by the facilities in jail... a room of 10 x 12 , with a fan and a washroom which he complained was too dirty to use. He was not alone even their, he was accompanied by reliance tycoon gautam doshi... 
After the tight scolding by the supreme court on the closed file case of the voting scam by Special lnvestigation team , police reopened the case and interrogated freshly into the same.... after the much showed off investigations , police offered the case as no body as such from the elite is involved and hence again tried to dismiss the same ... may be it had happened that the incident that took place in 2009 with the lok sabha members had been repeated but with the policesters ... thats why instead of interrogating the cash for vote ther voted for cash and hence closed the case with a decision impending that amar singh cant be alleged to be involved in it. it was all about suhail hindustani and other common chickens.... thanx to the RTI filed by a common man which forced to reopen the same once again and a refresh interrogation, a impartial investigation.....was conducted which resulted amar singh to land in jail with two other guys... 
since he had been granted bail, its the time to wait and watch that how amar singh will held up more cookies in his stomach and for how long... there is a lot more to say, lot more to hear.... its the time again.. that once agin which will lead the power.. cashing the vote or voting the cash....

Saturday, September 17

modi's fast for unity,dignity or serenity???

Gujrat's ruling cheif minister narendra modi is on three days fast for his "sadbhawna mission", installing his chair in gujrat university's auditorium.He had been provided with five rounds security. Nearly 400 media persons can be easily accomodated at the same place. moreover support from various parties have been lended out in support of the king of gujrat, from centre arun jaitley, sushma swaraj, lal krishna advani joined the campaign . from south AIDMK representatives came out strong in support of modi, on the other side from bihar , nitish also announced full fledged support to his fast. On the contrary, modi's congress counterpart shankar waghele also moved on the "fast" track in front of sabarmati ashram . He simply stated that his fast is not for any publicity or for unity, he just wanted to do thats why he is doing. 15 days back the same congress was opposing the "fast" move by anna hazare by stating that this type of campaigning is against democracy , and it was supported by narendra modi also.now the same people are moving on his tracks using anna's speeches, banners and photos.
 Does this means that now only fasting is left to do in the country.......??
Monsoon session had been wasted by our so called politicoes... womens bill, land acquistion building , lokpal bill and many other bills are still in pipeline and will be continue to be in that for how long????
do you have answer for this???

Saturday, July 16

again a banggg............

MMS aka manmohan singh had again reshuffled his cabinet ..... not a big one indeed but not a small one too..... surprisingly it is the second ministry mixture prepared within 6 months.....  what could be the reason behind it.... not ofcourse because he is suffering from the boredom of the same faces he used to see every day in his cabinet.... it is ofcourse the pressure over the government that is invisibly torturing the pm and the sonia......to mend their ways.....and to retaliate the belief of common man in the wisdom of judiciary..., executive and legislation.... people say that they want new and fresh faces who can dress up the attire of the government....,with the tint of honesty and seriousness at the top most part of the body.....
this reshuffle was not at the par level but yes, some people were definitely highlighted.. like our own vilasrao deshmukh.. awarded with the one of the most sophisticated ministry in the govt. i.e science and technology...... then jairaam ramesh and jayanti natrajan are some more names....milind devda.. a only  young facing the whole reshuffle in not a bad option... but feels like he will be soon awarded with the man with the all time greatest scams of the country....
well god knows, what is defined with the destiny of the indians... lot more faced... lot more to come......i pray to god... please give us the enough energy and enough power to seldomly slot  these thought to be convicted people...

Saturday, May 28


Although the above term is defined for the place between the LOC of the two countries but here it is used for the all the drama co related with the land acquisition.
first of all what is this land acquisition all about??? its just about the buying the land from the villagers at the low cost and selling the same land to private developers at double the cost. in short government is acting like a middlemen.
 On one side there are some humble farmers who are fighting for more compensation for their land and on the other side there is the most humble government of the century who is trying to do some business out of the bitter blood of farmers.. bitter because the blood is indeed mixed with the farmer's sweat .. sweat of their livlihood , sweat of their hard work , but before reaching to any of decision we should always consider both the sides of the coin.. now being  a common person i will like to enshrine the part of the farmers.... immensely poor, deeply sad and no food to eat , these three lines can describe them best , they had only one source of income that is farming on their ancestral land and if not so lucky enough , some of them are landless labourers who used to earn their living by working on some other's land. Now when in 2008, government acquired this fertile agricultural land forcefully as quoted by the villagers living in the debated area that is BHATTA - PARSAUL. They also said that they were not given apt compensation for their land just 845 per sq. meter.
so at the end of the day , they were left with nothing , land gone with only handful of money. 
Now lets come to government part, according to it, they paid the money to the villagers in accordance with the current market price value of that moment. now its their fault that the land prices has gone up and now the market value of the same land has incited nearly the double of the past rate. moreover one more thing is pinching the villagers that the neighbouring village of bhatta parsaul had directly sold out that land to the private builders in nearly double rate that is 1800 per sq. metr.
If we belive the sources the fact is that at first the people of BHATTA -PARSAUL was much more than satified with the compensation, they bought bolero, tractor and every item which could satisfy their gist of happiness and high standard but as the time passed, money also passed out of their hands and they were left with empty handed, now for their livlihood they don't have any source and as a result they are torturing the government for more green paper. but thats not enough, even the government is not milk bathed , according to the Land Acquisition act , government can acquire fertile land only in condition when that land is being used for setting up a public infrastructure or any public goods, but here the main motto of the government is mere business.
and into all this the politics enters, politics for vote bank , politics for rule and politics of hunger. Rahul and Sachin , the new generation jumped into the politics.. finally...............

Saturday, May 14


Finally it is the end. A big fullstop on the left rule which prevailed in west Bengal for 34 years.

A long journey they travelled with long aspiring people, they did some mistake but flaunted of the developmental stage too. what could be more defining than this that they ruled that state for 34 years. No doubt, they ruled the state well but during their last regime , they tried to travel two boats at one time but they forgot that the sea in which they were travelling was downstream .. it was known that one day these boats are going to part away. One boat was full of lucratives deals for the corporates and buisness tycoons and other boat was full of hollow promises and policies for the mango people. The left ruled party was trying to magnetise monetary gain  on one hand and on the other hand they were mistakingly trying to convince the people that they were still concern for them, the govt. cares for them and they were doing a lot for their development but actually there was  nothing like that. The left govt. was just pretending that they work intensively for their public.
It might had happen that leftists have thought that "these people are already in our hand let us concentrate on the big corpos" , and this was their biggest mistake.
on the other hand MAMTA BANERJEE proved pain relief medicine for the down trodden and misered people. she spread ointment on the wounds which the leftist had given. she cried with their sorrows and laughed out loud on their jokes. In short , she striked when the Iron was hot.People were full of aggression on the ruling govt. due to Singhur and Nandigram issue , on this Mamta came as a super Women , she filled their minds with the spirit of change and the results are here.
this was the huge tornado , which was being suppressed from last many years and at end this bursted and ruling came into the hands of COBRA from ANACs...

Thursday, May 5


Plz note: When i was working on my previous article, my one of the senior asked me that why i don't write anything positive about India, at that very moment I took him for granted but later i thought actually he was write,Indiana Thoughts is all about thoughts... positive or negative who cares.. so my this post is dedicated to my senior "tb"
Thinking positive about India is not a difficult task but writing  positive about India is a tedious task atleast for me, i know thats very rude of me but its a truth. 
it is defined as the activity in which we are indulge right from our childhood and will be continue to practice it till we die.when we were in school, we always used to have race amongst our friends and classmates that who will become the favorite student of the class teacher and the class in which this all started is something nursery or kg. that means a child who is just a 3 to 5 years old also knows what favoritism is, although for them it is just like childhood fantasy but we all know that it is just a seed germinating in their humble mind. Actually it all get started right from their birth when mumma papa favors a boy child rather than a girl and to their haplessness the mumma delivers a girl chid, here the favoritism gets deepen and that girl have to suffer this "f-ism" for the whole life. now if we move further, during practicals exams in school or may be in a college teachers and professors of course favor their favorite student and mark them with a much better grade than what they actually deserve, no matter how they performed during the viva session, the student comes out from the chamber and says cooly "अरे मेरे तो full marks लगेगे  , ये प्रोफेस्सर तो अपनी जेब में है "
(this is a true case i encountered very recently.) 
Apart from this while giving out tenders in PSU's (as favoritism prevails minimum in private sector  except in the promotional job)this f word wins out all the strategies, what could be much better example than CWG and 2g spectrum case.
These were the just some instances were Indians take outstanding stage to showcase their real talent , there is lot more to tell and much more to reveal.
Favoritism does not sounds sophisticated, so for making it more professional and more ideal, our Indian education system have given it the name of lobbying.. meaning influencing someone for your sake.
now after reading this, aren't you feeling proud of India. its the only country in the world teaching you the futuristic tooling techniques  right from the childhood  so that you could have a glorious life and this same thing you can pass on to your generations to keep this heritage alive which we have received from our forefathers.

Tuesday, May 3

A Big Question Mark????

Being a student of mass communication and journalism, i do have lots of queries and questions in my mind and belive me everytime I try my best to satisfy those questions by getting answers from here and there. Although taking word of mouth from my seniors , my friends, my grandpa is the most intrusive way to build up my point of view as i think so but this question is flying in my mind since the time i read about it in the newspaper. I ask my friends about them but they seemed the topic irrelevant, i asked my seniors but thy too were not interested in it, at last i went to my grandpa hoping that he will solve my anxiety but to my haplessness he too failed in it. Now before you get aggresive I think i should deliver what my question is all about. Its very simple and easy.. its about the POSCO deal , the biggest foreign investment in India till date. it is an South Korean company which had acquired  land in Orissa to set up one of the biggest mining projects their, cutting huge amount of trees and clearing acres of forest and natural beauty, although the project was hanging around from  long time waiting for the approval from the environment ministry and it happened only a day back that it had gone clearance from the same to destruct the 1200 hectare of forest land.
its very disheartening to know that on one side we are saying the supporting the noble cause of save environment  and on the other hand we are blindfolded with the cloth threaded with money and selling our greenry for the sake of so called development and employment junctures for the localites.
i know the people sitting there. in the raisina are much more intelligent and experienced than me, being immpartial i want to mention that the env. ministry had laid down some substantial points for the Korean Company for the rehabiliation of the forest land but the point is that who is going to see in it that whether these contractual points are being followed or not as money given, hunger over is the only mantra for today's bureaucrats but still somewhere for giving a fake respect to them i belive there might be some positivity in it, but this question is torturing my mind that how could they do it, is development the only reason for which they had agreed upon the FDI or there is any other favor on the part of our ministry, frankly speaking the monetary favor, if Raja can do it why can't Ramesh, after they all belong to same genome that is politics actually "dirty politics" because there are still some leaders who do politics for the sake of good.
if anybody gets the answer for my question that why the posco deal had been approved inspite of the furious agitation from the local people, inspite of knowing  the prons and cons of the deal, inspite of knowing that how badly mining affects our environment, inspite of knowing that we are in immense need of saving our environment.. why???why posco is still in India.. please let me know.