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Sunday, September 18


The much talked about note for vote scam in which amar singh is alleged to be involved or said to be the mastermind of the same, is not over yet. He was booked in tihad for 4-5 days and then in AIIMS , traumatised by the facilities in jail... a room of 10 x 12 , with a fan and a washroom which he complained was too dirty to use. He was not alone even their, he was accompanied by reliance tycoon gautam doshi... 
After the tight scolding by the supreme court on the closed file case of the voting scam by Special lnvestigation team , police reopened the case and interrogated freshly into the same.... after the much showed off investigations , police offered the case as no body as such from the elite is involved and hence again tried to dismiss the same ... may be it had happened that the incident that took place in 2009 with the lok sabha members had been repeated but with the policesters ... thats why instead of interrogating the cash for vote ther voted for cash and hence closed the case with a decision impending that amar singh cant be alleged to be involved in it. it was all about suhail hindustani and other common chickens.... thanx to the RTI filed by a common man which forced to reopen the same once again and a refresh interrogation, a impartial investigation.....was conducted which resulted amar singh to land in jail with two other guys... 
since he had been granted bail, its the time to wait and watch that how amar singh will held up more cookies in his stomach and for how long... there is a lot more to say, lot more to hear.... its the time again.. that once agin which will lead the power.. cashing the vote or voting the cash....

Saturday, September 17

modi's fast for unity,dignity or serenity???

Gujrat's ruling cheif minister narendra modi is on three days fast for his "sadbhawna mission", installing his chair in gujrat university's auditorium.He had been provided with five rounds security. Nearly 400 media persons can be easily accomodated at the same place. moreover support from various parties have been lended out in support of the king of gujrat, from centre arun jaitley, sushma swaraj, lal krishna advani joined the campaign . from south AIDMK representatives came out strong in support of modi, on the other side from bihar , nitish also announced full fledged support to his fast. On the contrary, modi's congress counterpart shankar waghele also moved on the "fast" track in front of sabarmati ashram . He simply stated that his fast is not for any publicity or for unity, he just wanted to do thats why he is doing. 15 days back the same congress was opposing the "fast" move by anna hazare by stating that this type of campaigning is against democracy , and it was supported by narendra modi also.now the same people are moving on his tracks using anna's speeches, banners and photos.
 Does this means that now only fasting is left to do in the country.......??
Monsoon session had been wasted by our so called politicoes... womens bill, land acquistion building , lokpal bill and many other bills are still in pipeline and will be continue to be in that for how long????
do you have answer for this???

Saturday, July 16

again a banggg............

MMS aka manmohan singh had again reshuffled his cabinet ..... not a big one indeed but not a small one too..... surprisingly it is the second ministry mixture prepared within 6 months.....  what could be the reason behind it.... not ofcourse because he is suffering from the boredom of the same faces he used to see every day in his cabinet.... it is ofcourse the pressure over the government that is invisibly torturing the pm and the sonia......to mend their ways.....and to retaliate the belief of common man in the wisdom of judiciary..., executive and legislation.... people say that they want new and fresh faces who can dress up the attire of the government....,with the tint of honesty and seriousness at the top most part of the body.....
this reshuffle was not at the par level but yes, some people were definitely highlighted.. like our own vilasrao deshmukh.. awarded with the one of the most sophisticated ministry in the govt. i.e science and technology...... then jairaam ramesh and jayanti natrajan are some more names....milind devda.. a only  young facing the whole reshuffle in not a bad option... but feels like he will be soon awarded with the man with the all time greatest scams of the country....
well god knows, what is defined with the destiny of the indians... lot more faced... lot more to come......i pray to god... please give us the enough energy and enough power to seldomly slot  these thought to be convicted people...

Saturday, May 28


Although the above term is defined for the place between the LOC of the two countries but here it is used for the all the drama co related with the land acquisition.
first of all what is this land acquisition all about??? its just about the buying the land from the villagers at the low cost and selling the same land to private developers at double the cost. in short government is acting like a middlemen.
 On one side there are some humble farmers who are fighting for more compensation for their land and on the other side there is the most humble government of the century who is trying to do some business out of the bitter blood of farmers.. bitter because the blood is indeed mixed with the farmer's sweat .. sweat of their livlihood , sweat of their hard work , but before reaching to any of decision we should always consider both the sides of the coin.. now being  a common person i will like to enshrine the part of the farmers.... immensely poor, deeply sad and no food to eat , these three lines can describe them best , they had only one source of income that is farming on their ancestral land and if not so lucky enough , some of them are landless labourers who used to earn their living by working on some other's land. Now when in 2008, government acquired this fertile agricultural land forcefully as quoted by the villagers living in the debated area that is BHATTA - PARSAUL. They also said that they were not given apt compensation for their land just 845 per sq. meter.
so at the end of the day , they were left with nothing , land gone with only handful of money. 
Now lets come to government part, according to it, they paid the money to the villagers in accordance with the current market price value of that moment. now its their fault that the land prices has gone up and now the market value of the same land has incited nearly the double of the past rate. moreover one more thing is pinching the villagers that the neighbouring village of bhatta parsaul had directly sold out that land to the private builders in nearly double rate that is 1800 per sq. metr.
If we belive the sources the fact is that at first the people of BHATTA -PARSAUL was much more than satified with the compensation, they bought bolero, tractor and every item which could satisfy their gist of happiness and high standard but as the time passed, money also passed out of their hands and they were left with empty handed, now for their livlihood they don't have any source and as a result they are torturing the government for more green paper. but thats not enough, even the government is not milk bathed , according to the Land Acquisition act , government can acquire fertile land only in condition when that land is being used for setting up a public infrastructure or any public goods, but here the main motto of the government is mere business.
and into all this the politics enters, politics for vote bank , politics for rule and politics of hunger. Rahul and Sachin , the new generation jumped into the politics.. finally...............

Saturday, May 14


Finally it is the end. A big fullstop on the left rule which prevailed in west Bengal for 34 years.

A long journey they travelled with long aspiring people, they did some mistake but flaunted of the developmental stage too. what could be more defining than this that they ruled that state for 34 years. No doubt, they ruled the state well but during their last regime , they tried to travel two boats at one time but they forgot that the sea in which they were travelling was downstream .. it was known that one day these boats are going to part away. One boat was full of lucratives deals for the corporates and buisness tycoons and other boat was full of hollow promises and policies for the mango people. The left ruled party was trying to magnetise monetary gain  on one hand and on the other hand they were mistakingly trying to convince the people that they were still concern for them, the govt. cares for them and they were doing a lot for their development but actually there was  nothing like that. The left govt. was just pretending that they work intensively for their public.
It might had happen that leftists have thought that "these people are already in our hand let us concentrate on the big corpos" , and this was their biggest mistake.
on the other hand MAMTA BANERJEE proved pain relief medicine for the down trodden and misered people. she spread ointment on the wounds which the leftist had given. she cried with their sorrows and laughed out loud on their jokes. In short , she striked when the Iron was hot.People were full of aggression on the ruling govt. due to Singhur and Nandigram issue , on this Mamta came as a super Women , she filled their minds with the spirit of change and the results are here.
this was the huge tornado , which was being suppressed from last many years and at end this bursted and ruling came into the hands of COBRA from ANACs...

Thursday, May 5


Plz note: When i was working on my previous article, my one of the senior asked me that why i don't write anything positive about India, at that very moment I took him for granted but later i thought actually he was write,Indiana Thoughts is all about thoughts... positive or negative who cares.. so my this post is dedicated to my senior "tb"
Thinking positive about India is not a difficult task but writing  positive about India is a tedious task atleast for me, i know thats very rude of me but its a truth. 
it is defined as the activity in which we are indulge right from our childhood and will be continue to practice it till we die.when we were in school, we always used to have race amongst our friends and classmates that who will become the favorite student of the class teacher and the class in which this all started is something nursery or kg. that means a child who is just a 3 to 5 years old also knows what favoritism is, although for them it is just like childhood fantasy but we all know that it is just a seed germinating in their humble mind. Actually it all get started right from their birth when mumma papa favors a boy child rather than a girl and to their haplessness the mumma delivers a girl chid, here the favoritism gets deepen and that girl have to suffer this "f-ism" for the whole life. now if we move further, during practicals exams in school or may be in a college teachers and professors of course favor their favorite student and mark them with a much better grade than what they actually deserve, no matter how they performed during the viva session, the student comes out from the chamber and says cooly "अरे मेरे तो full marks लगेगे  , ये प्रोफेस्सर तो अपनी जेब में है "
(this is a true case i encountered very recently.) 
Apart from this while giving out tenders in PSU's (as favoritism prevails minimum in private sector  except in the promotional job)this f word wins out all the strategies, what could be much better example than CWG and 2g spectrum case.
These were the just some instances were Indians take outstanding stage to showcase their real talent , there is lot more to tell and much more to reveal.
Favoritism does not sounds sophisticated, so for making it more professional and more ideal, our Indian education system have given it the name of lobbying.. meaning influencing someone for your sake.
now after reading this, aren't you feeling proud of India. its the only country in the world teaching you the futuristic tooling techniques  right from the childhood  so that you could have a glorious life and this same thing you can pass on to your generations to keep this heritage alive which we have received from our forefathers.

Tuesday, May 3

A Big Question Mark????

Being a student of mass communication and journalism, i do have lots of queries and questions in my mind and belive me everytime I try my best to satisfy those questions by getting answers from here and there. Although taking word of mouth from my seniors , my friends, my grandpa is the most intrusive way to build up my point of view as i think so but this question is flying in my mind since the time i read about it in the newspaper. I ask my friends about them but they seemed the topic irrelevant, i asked my seniors but thy too were not interested in it, at last i went to my grandpa hoping that he will solve my anxiety but to my haplessness he too failed in it. Now before you get aggresive I think i should deliver what my question is all about. Its very simple and easy.. its about the POSCO deal , the biggest foreign investment in India till date. it is an South Korean company which had acquired  land in Orissa to set up one of the biggest mining projects their, cutting huge amount of trees and clearing acres of forest and natural beauty, although the project was hanging around from  long time waiting for the approval from the environment ministry and it happened only a day back that it had gone clearance from the same to destruct the 1200 hectare of forest land.
its very disheartening to know that on one side we are saying the supporting the noble cause of save environment  and on the other hand we are blindfolded with the cloth threaded with money and selling our greenry for the sake of so called development and employment junctures for the localites.
i know the people sitting there. in the raisina are much more intelligent and experienced than me, being immpartial i want to mention that the env. ministry had laid down some substantial points for the Korean Company for the rehabiliation of the forest land but the point is that who is going to see in it that whether these contractual points are being followed or not as money given, hunger over is the only mantra for today's bureaucrats but still somewhere for giving a fake respect to them i belive there might be some positivity in it, but this question is torturing my mind that how could they do it, is development the only reason for which they had agreed upon the FDI or there is any other favor on the part of our ministry, frankly speaking the monetary favor, if Raja can do it why can't Ramesh, after they all belong to same genome that is politics actually "dirty politics" because there are still some leaders who do politics for the sake of good.
if anybody gets the answer for my question that why the posco deal had been approved inspite of the furious agitation from the local people, inspite of knowing  the prons and cons of the deal, inspite of knowing that how badly mining affects our environment, inspite of knowing that we are in immense need of saving our environment.. why???why posco is still in India.. please let me know.

Saturday, April 30


She came to me with tears in her eyes which were slightly reddish, her heart was broken although could not be seen but i can feel although, jumble thoughts as she was not able to convey what she wants to or rather she was confused what to say and what not to.The nostalgia she was suffering from was obvious and worth saddening as any daughter would cry out to the heart when she will suddenly come to know that her father who was once full of life and zeal has now become an ailing patient of liver cancer with no cure other than transplantation. Days back he was enjoying cricket fever with the whole country but now the same country is reluctant to help him out in his tough times. There is no shortage of money in his bank accounts, what he really lack is just a liver for transplantation and he needs it desperately as he is survived by a lovely wife and two sweet daughters, one in 10th grade and another in 5th.
This is just a one case, there are lakhs of pending cases which are awaiting the body organs for transplantation. why is it so that being the centre of cheapest medical science and health amenities in the world , we are lacking in the modern mindset of the Indians that body organs should not be donated after death as the next incarnation will be an ailing body for that same organ which you have donated before.when we will understand that we are in 21st century and these all things are rubbish. Humanity stands for helping others in difficult times but if it fails then belive me we don't have any right to call ourself humans.
what i just want to say is that if you cant help others in living period you can atleast do it after death by pledging your body organs to the people who needs them. May it happen that you could become the reason for one's haappiness and life. those who thinks that these all things are rubbish then let me make it clear that next it could  be you or your near ones ,when they are suffering and there is nobody to help you along at that very moment you will realize that what is a value of each and every helping hand that you are expecting to come towards you....

Wednesday, April 6

victory which is meant for team india..

Although the match was being played by the players in the stadium, the mental game and stress was overcoming the cerebrum of every spectator, whether a girl or boy, lesbo or gay,Hindu or Muslim, Indian or Sri Lankan... no geographical boundaries , no caste boundation.. because cricket doesn't know it, for asia , its  like religion... commonly followed by other religions.Each and every soul was sticked for 8 hours in Wankhade Stadium at Mumbai where ICC Cricket World Cup Final match was being played between India and Sri lanka.Thousands  of Witnesses , lakhs of aspirations .. people were overwhelmingly waiting for the moment when team India will lift up the magnificent trophy.
But whose win it was , ofcourse it was of team India, but who is actually responsible for it.. no doubt that it was a team work but still one or the two should be credited for the same. Was it Gambhir, who batted stupendously and kept the foundation of some early must needed runs pr was it Zaheer, who struck out most important wickets from the Srilankan side or was it Sachin who was source of inspiration and motivation for team India.Being the seniormost player of the team, he is respected a l ot and it is for him and only him for whom the team India wants to win the cup.
Its never too late for our little master blaster, who played 6 world cups and managed to get through it only in the last one.
All is well that ends well
and thats what the story is all about.It was a victory.. a grand win.... and our government is making it more grand by granting them with some grand prize money.. I know only a few will support me but there is a big doubt in my mind that why the are over bundled with the bundle of notes when they are already having plenty of it. That same money can be utilized for opening up the cricket academies in the various districts or more specifically backward districts from where the future Yuvraaj and Zaheer could come out of the shell...
I hope somebody could think over this ... giving land to them is good idea but building up a better infrastructure for those who lack money but have ample amount of talent can be the best option..
well the country is in festive mood and nobody is interested to think about the same...  but being written in indiana thoughts atleast this thing should be considered by the youth...

Saturday, March 26


every now an then we think about promoting girls education and literacy in underdeveloped regions of India, and of course this is worth doing also, this is the need of the hour and the country and even the economy... as these girls will be leading the country or may be some corporate houses like Ms.Indira Nooyi, but just a give thought that in the race of generating another Indira Nooyi , aren't we loosing another Vishwanathan Anand or may be a would be Mukesh Ambani or A P J Abdul kalam. It is a fact and had been proved that we and even the Government is ignoring the literal interest of boys in education in wake of stopping the depressing film being played by the anti social people. In simple language government is ignoring the boys education due to being more attentive towards girls education
Area which is said to be the busiest market in the busiest city is the main eye witness of my above quoted words. Sadar Bazar, one of the biggest whole sale market have several parts in it. Out of it Deputy Ganj is the place famous for utensils and bangles.... behind this place, their are two buildings which is clearly depicting that they are the energizing roots of new education policy i.e "Sarva Siksha Abhiyan". but sadly these two buildings are far different with each other..   one of them is well cemented, polished and nicely maintained and another one is nothing less than a haunted house... damaged outer structure and demeaned inner structure.., it will definitely make you run out of that place. now you must be expecting that the former one is for the boys and the latter one for the girls but it is totally opposite... the well furnished one is for the girls and the well damaged one is for the leading boys.. The matter i want to raise is not only from the infrastructural point of view but till now, i mean i am using that way from last two years and i have never seen a single teacher taking any classes and most of the time the school is locked and the boys all with innocent looks sitting outside haplessly....
What to say more.. i think i am capable of making you understand my thoughts and ideas through my words... so what we really need to is that even i don't know... we could only pray that in the race of encouraging girls... might  the boys are not left behind... 

Monday, March 14


Ofcourse the title sounds quite ambiguous, that what could be more precious than life but for the people who are helpless, homeless and hapless this is the mantra for a free medicated life... yes clinical trials in India are proving boon for the down trodden , for the people who could not afford exclusive and expensive drugs and medicines for the ailments that are difficult to understand and to pronounce.. 
India is becoming favourite destination for clinical trials.. Now what is "clinical trials"?? Its a procedure done by any pharmaceutical company to test the effects and side effects of any new drug or medicine that is ready to launch but they are not sure about the results, and for the same reason they try their product on the subject( may be a human being) for checking that is their output satisfying and apt.This whole trial is conducted in three stages. phase 1 includes the effects and side effects of the medicine, phase 2 deals with the time taken by the same to act ,react and dose range.. phase 3 deals with validating the effects of phase 2 i.e. is it safe to use or not??..
Although it sounds totally illegal to test your untested medicines on humans but ethically there is nothing wrong in it.. as its is necessary to get clearance from the DCGI (drugs controller general of India) before launching the product in the market that too in the Indian market
Moreover their is a special council for looking into the interest of the volunteers , which guides the manufacturer and keeps a keen eye on the company's policy towards the volunteers like whether the person is insured or not, all the allowances are being paid or not .. etc.
Its a wonderful idea and a lifesaving trigger for the people who cannot afford their life dependent medicines. Its not like that these trials are always successful, there are many cases in which the volunteer have died due to side effect or extra dosage or the adverse effect but in some cases the patient had came out in a well being and perfect state. In short its just like a small deal with your destiny where you have to risk your life for your life...
TO REGISTER FOR CLINICAL TRIALS- http://ctri.nic.in/Clinicaltrials/index.jsp

Thursday, March 10


Human sacrifice is the most popular way to amuse gods and goddesses , according to Indian politicians and so called Nationalists, otherwise it is hard to conclude that why might they had planned such a devasting blast in a train which killed many innocent people of India and Pakistan travelling in the same.And that too on a  day when the Pakistani Foreign Minister was arriving in the country for commencing peace talks with us.
 Could it be a prayer for the ample results of the talks or might be the pre celebration for ending up the 50 years old Rivalry between the two countries.
I wish that could be the only reason behind the Samjhauta train Blast but no , it was not. Hindu Nationalists have actually planned to disturb the peaceful alliance which was going to be form on the same day by exploding the express train routed from DELHI to LAHORE. 
it was on 18th Feb 2007 when a man boarded the train having a dream of meeting his mate staying in Lahore from last 3 years, but unfortunately his dreams were shortlived like him.It was said that 70% of the passengers were Pakistanis and rest were either Indians or Police Forces. 
Till now no body has been accused with the charges but a tint of dark shadow is supposed to be formed by Abhinav Bharat , a group presided by Shrikant Prasad who himself was ex- army officer. 
I dont know why the indian legal system is so reluctant  to provide justice to 68 dead bodies and 50 close state of dead bodies on the samjhauta express bombings. Till now only Aseemanand had been convicted for it and he too have accepted the shade of Saffron terrorism in the explosion but what will be the next step, nobody knows.
At the end what could be only said is that despite of such suicidal attempts,there are many people in both the countries who want a keen and proximal relationship between these two countries, but some political mainstream  leaders and ministers are proving roadblock for the same... 
We the common people can just hope that these leaders go up soon... and lightens up the burden of the world.... I promise that day will be celebrated a independence day in a real sense!!

Saturday, March 5


Attacks on human beings, attacks on humanity was not enough for the live leeches , when this time they attacked directly on the faith. This time their target was shrine of saint Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It was the period of Ramzan and evening prayers were just concluded when a blast occured in the courtyard, and killed many people.The dargah was said to be overcrowded since it was the time when the muslims gathered their for opening their fast in the holy month. It was disguised on the part of the doers that they chose such a sacred month but as it is said that terror has no religion and so with terrorist, they did what they thought of but fortunately they didn't succeeded in it. It is a well known fact that the shrine is visited by the people of all religion including Hindu,Sikh and Christians and this was the thing which couldn't get digested in the attacker's abdomen, and they chalked out the plan of exploding the belief , breaking the trust and burning the faith, but since God can even decide what is evil and what is good, he saved many lives and made sure that none of his followers were hurt!!
Now when the police investigated the whole scene , at first the award of this explosive act was awarded to Pakistan based "lashkar-e-taiba"(LET) and the reason was said to be the differences between conservative Muslim society and Indian Islamic Tradition.Later in October 2010, 5 other people were convicted who were said to be the Indian counterpart of LET, and out of it 4 were the members of Rashtriya Swyam Sevak(RSS), this was not the first time when the Hindu Nationalists were convicted for any crime, Samjhauta Express and Malegaon Blast(which you will be reading in further upcoming posts) were also under screening for the same sangh. 
Out of the four convictors from RSS, two of them Abhinav Bharat and Aseemanand claimed that they had conceived two Muslim boys from ISI Pakistan, and RSS was allegedly involved in the whole planning.Later in the February , spokesperson of RSS organized the press conference and declared that the Sangh is being defamed by the culprit members and the chief of RSS, Mohan Bhagwat is being threatened by the same.
Its hard to believe that RSS was not at all involved in the whole scene, since their is an evidence that other members like Indresh kumar and Sunil Joshi have direct contact with the 4 accused Hindu Nationalist.
This was the event when the "Saffron Terror" term gained its popularity and worse politics was played and is being played in India

Wednesday, March 2


Another landmark in the history of Indian legislature, the "so called culprits" of Godhra kand got the punishment in the court today. 11 out of 31 got death sentence while 20 got life time imprisonment. The first half of the former sentence is heart blooming but the latter part is heart breaking. The convicts who are sentenced with the jail for their lifetime session are equally responsible for the brutal event occured in Godhra., No matter whether they were directly involved in the attack or helped the ones who were doing so, a accused is a accused and all the culprits  should get same punishment with respect to law and order.
The most deceitful part of this verdict was not that why some of them got "lifetime imprisonment" and why some "hang till death" but it was the release of Maulana Umarji who was supposed to be the main accused in this whole event. It was totally disheartening on the part of he Gujarat police, SIT(Special Investigation Team) and CBI officials who interrogated the whole incident and the witnesses.
We , the people expect the police to safeguard us, Leaders to formulate rules  and judiciary to punish the criminals who don't follow these rules and makes our life ill functioned, but neither the police nor the judicial system and nor the executive system is ready for taking up their responsibility, responsibility of 150 million people and responsibility of the democracy of India.
So at this crucial moment I want to ask the people, do we need the same revolution , do we need the same political deadlock as its happening in middle east. NOW IS IT OUR TURN TO FIND THE DIMENSION OF OUR FUTURE??? THINK IT OVER!!

Sunday, February 27


Now it is the time to move further in Godhran Issue, after burning the sabarmati express on 27th Feb. , another violent attack was made on the harmonious and innocent lives of the people living in the secular state of India when best bakery (Tulsi bakery) was put on fire in Vadodara, by a mob, killing 14 people, out of which 12 of them were Muslims. At that moment even the police showed the reluctancy to file the FIR against the culprits. No proper investigation was done and the so called society saviors failed to consolidate the evidences and witnesses. The reason could be anything , may be political pressure or fear of communal discord on a larger scale. At that time Gujrat court failed to provide justice to the victims, one of them was Zaheera sheikh , who was one of the key witness against the doers but turned hostile for one or the another reason,  and as a result 21 of the main accused were granted not guilty by the fast track court in 2003. But as it is said truth prevails no matter it fails sometimes, gujrat government asked  the court to do re trial of the case and hence the case reopened. The supreme court indicated the gujrat high court and hence the case was filed against Bhartiya Janta Party for affecting the witnesses of the incident. The state government admitted that even the police was hostile in registering and recording the FIR on the part of prosecution Meanwhile Zaheera sheikh , who turned down her own statements before, retraced her statement again. but now her chance was gone and court declared here a hostile witness.and charged her with crime of taking Bribe from Majlis e Shura, a highest decision making body of Muslims.Finally in 2006 , court convicted 9 people with the charge of murder and sentencing them life imprisonment.,  Hence the justice was late but not denied.
But it was not the end of the whole communal disharmony, it was just the beginning.. and the landmark in this whole process was AJMER DARGAH BLAST.. 
which will be continued in the next post.

but for now!!! 

Jana gaṇa mana adhināyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya vidhātā
Pañjāba Sindhu Gujarāṭa Marāṭhā
Drāviḍa Utkala Baṅga
Vindhya Himācala Yamunā Gaṅgā
Ucchala jaladhi taraṅga
Tava śubha nāme jāge
Tava śubha āśiṣa māge
Gāhe tava jaya gāthā
Jana gaṇa maṅgala dāyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya vidhāta
Jaya he jaya he jaya he
Jaya jaya jaya jaya he!

Wednesday, February 23


A special court comprising eminent and experienced judge namely Mr. P R Patel, have charged 31 people as a culprit in godhra train burning charged with the crime of murder and planning the controversy.Apart from this 63 other people have been acquitted for the same.What I told you above is not something unheard or unseen, nearly all the newspapers of today's date are designed with the same headlines with the bulk of matter and in depth facts but here we are not going all those things. We will talk about the groundings of the incident.
It all started when i was just one year old, a political party rally was conducted by Bhartiya Janta party in the Faizabad district near Ramkot hill,and incidentally it developed into a riot involving 150,000 people .This riot harmed the Babri mosque and at that moment nearly 2000 muslims lost their lives.Moreover the mosque was built on the vulnerable point which is quite sacred for hindus, what i mentioned earlier i.e. Faizabad , was actually the Ramjanmbhumi ... THE AYODHAYA. People and even the evidence says that the demolition was not a incident but it was a planned strategy played by BJP politicians including Advani and Rajnath Singh.
Various investigative commissions were formed and seated but no clear result was evicted out of it.
Then in Feb2002 , train returning from the same Ayodhaya city was put on fire by some Muslim protagonist . The train was carrying the Kar sevaks (volunteers) returning from the holy city in Sabarmati Express. It is believed that these Kar sevaks had some quarrel with the Muslims Hawkers and hence the mob started out followed by stone pelleting by the Muslim majority present at that time on the Godhra Station.Earlier investigations suggested that it was not planned but the special investigation team projected it as the conspiracy and the guilty award was given to Maulana Umarji( who has been convicted as innocent in today's verdict given bu the honorable court just because there is no evidence proving him guilty).Following these Massacre, once again Hindu Muslim Riots commenced in Secular state of India and hence nearly 2000 people died as post Godhra incident.
This was all about the backgrounder of GODHRA KAND, one more case is related to this brutality , the best bakery case but it will definitely become overdose for you.
But before ending give a thought on these words said Dalai Lama

Monday, February 21


The only permanent thing in this world is change.... what a great saying....
even I believe so.. And same is happening in the middle east and western Asia, where the common people are fighting for political reformation and change in the ruling system. From last one month , political deadlock in one or in the other country is being observed. starting from Tunisia to Egypt, Jordan to Yemen , from Bahrain to Kuwait and Libya to may be some other country very soon. This is indeed a very positive sign towards the way of independence and freedom. People living in these countries are demanding nothing more then human rights, public services , job opportunities. If you go for in depth reasons then you will come to know what is the actual problem behind their massive demonstration and proceedings .
People in Bahrain are quarreling for changing the ruling power in the country as the ruler himself belong to Sunni community and the majority population belongs to Shia one. Population of Libya and Yemen are having more or less same problem . The man ruling the Libya is on the seat from last 40 years and since then the people are suffering from inflation (although its not a disease but still people suffer from it), lack of human rights and no freedom at all. Kuwait is not far behind from above specified countries , it is also looking for some revolution in political scenario of the country. A wind of revolution more specifically rotation had been started blowing from the west Asia. Who will be next , only common man knows. May be china or Pakistan, even the news flashed today about the protest in china but will it continue or how long it will continue its not fixed but Pakistan is in a serious need of reformation as the common man aka mango people are living in a very hyped and tight condition , inflation is at par and corruption at Zenith . But the thing is that what these mango people will fight for Democracy???? it is already their..... then!! they should fight for themselves within their self. They have to stand for their rights and wrong done with them by the government.They have to raise their voice against the immorality. Its not only for the pakistanis or libyans but its for every human being in this world...Be true for what you are, what you want and what you deserve ... then only you can expect your government to be truthful and loyal towards you

Thursday, February 17


Yesterday our honorable prime minister addressed a press conference which was marked by the presence of eminent journalists and editors of electronic media including Rajdeep Sardesai. The motto of this press conference was to cover up and oil the trust engine of the population who have lost the faith in the union government due to recent and upcoming scams and opening up of the boxes containing serious corruption cases. To some extent our PM waxed out the allegations made on his government in recent times but somewhere he proved to be totally blunt and somewhere totally helpless.
He answered some questions with very ease like what is the possibility that the budget session will continue or on the political deadlock in west Asia, how will India react to it or if that type of situation persisted in India.He reverted with very perfect and satisfying answers but when he was asked about the 2G scam and Antrix Devas scam , he totally outbusted the expectations of the people who were watching him at that time and was waiting for his verdict on these issues. If we summarize his reply to these controversies then its a one line answer "we are looking into this , probes are being carried out by CBI officials and any culprit possessing high post will not be apologized due to dignity of his status and portfolio".This was the most obvious answer which could be easily interpreted if it was left unspoken also. Why he gave such baseless replies only two people knows number 1) he himself and number 2) Sonia Gandhi.
when asked about the ongoing talks with ULFA group , he was well and good with his statement as no leader can predict the flow of talks with any second party.
Some topics were left untouched in yesterday's press conference like biggest FDI investment, the POSCO deal, Permanent seat in UN in the security council, black money in swiss bank and census going on in the country.
For the conclusion I would like to say that its was little disheartning when he was singing the choir of coalition government again and again and blaming the same for giving the portfolio of telecom ministry to A Raja. He also said that TRAI was well informed of the fact the the licences were being granted on first come first serve basis. Although he tried to clear all the allegations of backroom talks being made on officials working in PMO on Antrix-Devas contract , but it was more petrified and highlighted due to Arnab's demean behaviour towards our prime minister which also received lot of criticism to him.

Wednesday, February 16

mobile mania

India -> what to say about Indians, we are just exemplary for the world population. Unique Language, Unique style, Unique physique, Unique habits and moreover Unique gadgets too but unlike these unique qualities we have antique addiction.
Number of mobile phone users in India rose from 5 million to 752 million by Feb 2011 and nearly 40 million of people in India are unemployed, now my point is that what these workless people do with cell phones, more probably they must be searching jobs, as most of the telecom operators give "job alerts" through messages (i know its illogical to compare the above two parameters, so just read it for the sake of fun)

Now not only teenagers but even middle aged people are now obsessed with their tring tring device (o please i am talking about cell phones, don't get confused with the ringtone as it sounds like that of landline one), out of every 10 people (ranging from 30-40 years of age) , atleast 6 can be easily pointed out from the crowd who will be deeply involve in their cell phones. Faces are straight on the road but mind is in on the screen of the device moreover one can easily notice the fingers dancing over the keypad. Half of the mobile maniac people are in practice of typing the message without seeing the keypad or screen (i am one of them), and nearly 90% of people talk while they walk that too in a midstreet which accounts 7% of the total road accidents. But still they continue as it is the best IDEA to stay fit and healthy. I salute their conscience of being health conscious.
Now on a serious note using mobile phone lays a very cascading effect on heart, ears and mind (conditional, if the user have).So try to talk less and stay apart from that life trenching device
(which is impossible), Scientists believe that talking on the phone (wireless) for more than 2 hour a day can cause severe headaches or more precisely brain tumor, keeping cell phones by your side even when you are on your bed, can lead to anxiety or lack of sleep too.
There is a short experience i want to share with you all guys, years back i participated in extempore competition and my topic for the same was "hazardous effects of mobile phones" and believe me i spoke blunder on that platform. I know its quite stupid of me to think that mobile phones are hazardous because they intrude the personal life and moreover give exposure to the ponographic world but at that time I was quite young to understand the main atrocity of the device.
Please guys try to stay at a distance from this device , as its impossible to stay apart as it connects your loved ones with you and moreover helps in maintaining the social contacts and networks but nothing is more important than your health ....Remember "JAAN HAI TO JAHAN HAI"

Friday, February 11


What you have perceived from the movies like isqiya, peepli live, ye salli zindagi, omkara, kaminey.... Apart from being the flawless pieces of art and great generator of Indian type of fun with enthusiasm, they are the biggest examples as how you can use slags in a conversational manner. From every desi gaali to english types stylish abuse, they have everything which today's youth enjoy.
Namaskar , Namaste , Salaam , Aadaab had became outdated and the conversation begins with the most popular word starting with f......... facebook ,although the word you thought is second most popular and the most common salutation used to greet friends.
As every field here also girls are on the front foot , puking each and every type of bad words from reverse to extreme condition irrespective of the fact to whom they are talking to except their parents (since girls are very caring for their parents , i think more than boys) otherwise they can abuse anyone from a stranger to their boyfriends, classmate to their teachers. Although the last person I mentioned before are not intentionally prized with those mischievous words but somehow openly or between the friends there is nobody left who is not abused one time or the other.. and its a bitter truth.
If girls are on the front foot that doesn't mean that boys are lagging behind in this list too. Perhaps they are the most deserving competitor of the girls. They look out for more advanced version of each and every "modern salutation".Most of the boys have awesome vocab , but sadly 90% out of this are slags.
Earlier people used to abuse in a very humble manner.. Remember the scene from Sholay where Jai is shouting "Basanti en kutto ke samne mat nachana" or "kutte mai tera khoon pee jaunga", you only decide , isn't it sweet? how generous na!!!!
What i mean to say is that its not like that people don't use to abuse before... they do abuse but in a very different way. Years back people used to do ample comparision of humans with various animals , most wanted were dogs and donkeys, but now the vulgarity of modern abuse is related to women which is totally unacceptable to the ears of wide range of people.... (i am talking about the oldies)
Gen Y gushes out these words out of excitement , aggression or hurry but can you... yes you ... can you justify this co-relation of speech and mood.
Well this is a endless topic as how to mind the speeches of upcoming future but what i want to say is that please guys do watch whom you are abusing to... if its your friend its ok... I can't help it but if its somebody elder than you then remember one thing as you are doing to him... what if his children abuse your father or your elders?????

Sunday, February 6


The time in which we took birth was predefined and decided and the moment when we will end up our journey is also decided but unfortunately we don't know when this is going to reach the destination or going towards termination, we even don't have the clue. so enjoy this short life because how death is going to approach us , we can't imagine also.
just think , people dying in any train accident or bus accident... all from different zones, families, background, caste but since their timings of colliding with the death stone is same, they got aggregated at one place or situation and died. Before a day or two, 9 boys, seated on the top of the train while returning from the recruitment fair, suffered loss of life when they collided with a low over bridge. all of them were from different backdrops and started their life at different moments but sadly they all ended it together.Many people voluntarily end their lives and commit suicide just because they are pissed up of their personal and social life but that is not the valid reason to reject and insult the humble gift of god.
we humans are the luckiest on this earth as we have brain to think and react. you never know what you are going to be in your next incarnation, may be a dog or a cat or just an ant, who can't enjoy their lives as we humans can. start facing your problems positively an if you can't live for yourself then live for others, for the one who love you, cares about you because
You never know which moment can bring last breath for you, so if you have some incomplete work left for now or some other day then this is the time to do it.
Go and get all the happiness you want to have and speak up whatever you couldn't as this time is irreversible and in future you may not get time to fulfill your wishes.Live out each and every moment with your near and dear ones before you realize that its too late for regretting too.
Reach out your each and every ambition and try to find out smiles in sorrows.
Help yourself and help others too . Be an optimist and set examples for others that how to be a lively human being.
Don't let anyone harm you or control you....don't give chance to anyone to overshadow your emotions and to become your weakness. Do what you feel and stop being dependent on others for any mental or emotional support..
At the last don't forget that nothing is going to stop after your decay, this world was, is and will continue to work after you too... then why we shouldn't we live the life till the end...
Gandhi said "DO OR DIE"
but its now me saying "DO BEFORE YOU DIE"
this post is dedicated to my all those friends who are in big confusion as what to do in life and how to do it.....

Wednesday, February 2


The rate at which the girls are getting extinct these days.... (extinct because of female foeticide), it would not be considered as exaggeration if we say that the day is near when all these beautiful angels of god will be left no more.. Imagine the condition of the world, how messy it would be or how guile it could be.
suppose all they men getting up in the morning and realizing no lady by their side , even in their home ... not a single lady in this whole world... what i mean to say is that think once what if one day all the ladies gets disaapear... what will happen... the first and the foremost thing the boys will be doing is to thank god for this.(the reason is in the following paragraph, have patience)..
now atleast the dont have to fulfill all the stupid wishes of their girlfriends (boys think they are stupid but actually they are not). Nobody will ask them for food and movie and all that stuff which boys hesitate to answer...and moreover nobody is going to call them and ask again and again where are they????
the biggest advantage they will get after the disappearance of these humble souls is now the cosmetic companies will focus full flgedly on them... Now males are the new target audience for them and target age group is 19+ because ageing is not a problem for our dear boys...
But for whom they are going to beautify themself or with whom they will be hanging out, if they dont want to stay back home..and when they will have no money to eat out then who is going to cook various delicacies for them... but the anomaly is that they will not have shortage of money because there will be nobody to spend on..
This paragraph is specially for the people who have given their time to my article and to me too, a girl
whenever you see your sister, mother, girlfriend or any lady who is special in your life... do thank them as atleast once in your lifetime they might have given you or will give you the moment on which you could proud off.. they have made your life worth living and sustaining. respect them because they deserve it.... they made sacrifices for you.... comprimises for you which are priceless.... i didnt mean to say that we females only do this sacrificing part... and thinks for you... what i mean to say is that even our male counterparts are equally important and we are incomplete without them... Nothing is possible without girls and everything is impossible without boys..

Saturday, January 29



Gone were the days when long distance relationships go on very easily. Although the communication media between the love birds were birds themselves or more precisely letters and chits but today even after having so many mediums and methods to reach your loved ones , long distance relationships doesn’t seems to work for long. Out of sight; out of mind is the theme which today’s youngsters are applying on their relations.

It’s the fact that physical presence of anyone could make more impact than the virtual one but when it comes to real passion of love and charm even virtual presence is felt physically and emotionally.

The life schedule of gen x is so hectic that they need apt space and freedom even from their counterparts. Between these spaces and void many people marks their presence in their lives and if chances prevailed on their heart and mind too. This could be regarded as a speed breaker in the road of relation. If your wheeler is in speed (means if it is full of transparency and trust), it will easily tolerate this jerk but if it is in already in slow motion (means if it is lacking a sense of security and loyalty) then it may even stop.

What really a long distance relationship demands is mutual understanding, trust, unlimited love… and most important of all SPACE. What generally leads to end of the relationship is the lack of quality time they would have spent with each other if they were near. Not giving enough attention and care to the loyal partner hurts their sentiments and gives him/her the strong reason to look for a new emotional support from the opposite sex and hence the third person enters in a relationship of two and the twist arrives with him/her, when the same loyal partner either start cheating the other one or just ditch them ruthlessly. Here comes the sad end to a sweet relationship due to lack of patience, space and support.

What could be suggested to them, no counselor can tell. If one really wants to kill the distance in a long distance relationship then he /she or both the person should create the symphony of love, emotions, trust with a pinch of understanding … and then just wait and watch how life turns into a magical series.

Friday, January 28


Title padhte hi aapko laga hoga ki jaise ye koi kavita ya sher o shairy hogi par afsos… unme se ye kuch bh nahi hai.. ye to bus kuch ek jazbaat hai jo kabhi aankho se aansu banker behte hai kabhi kalam se syahi banker…. Ye wo kuch beete pal hai jinhe hum kuch khaas ke sath jeete hai par waqt ke sath sath hum inhe bhul baithte hai…

Kal jub mai apna wahi apna purana sanduk lekar baithi to laga jaise wahi arsa aankho ke samne aankh micholi khelne laga ho, theek waise hi jais mai apne dost yaro ke sath khela karti thi din bhar, bina kisi chinta ke … na mujhe koi fikr hua karti thi nahi mere maa bauji ko.. kyuki tub samay kuch or tha… building me jitney bhi ghar hua karte the wo sare ek parivaar jaise rehte the… kisi ghar ka bacha kisi ke ghar me bhi khana kha lia karta tha…. Par aaj to ye sub kahai dikhta hi nahi mujhe… padosi padosi ka naam nahi janta…. Jarurat ke samay madad to dur ki baat hai , koi darwaza kholne ki bhi zehmat nai uthata…. Jane kaha gaye wo din jub kisi ek ghar me pareshani aa jane se mohalle bhar ke log uski himmat badhane aa jate the… aaj wahi log himmat badhane ke bajaye tamasha khada kar dete hai….

Kher, mai aapko apne sanduk ke bare me bata rahi thi… us snduk me kai sari purani cheze nikli… jo mere dil ke behad kareeb thi… par fir bhi usey ek band sanduk me rakhna pad rha tha … sirf is dar se ke log kya kahenge…..

Us sanduk me se nikli ek photo … thodi si fatti hui thi par chehre pehchane ja sakte the… wo photo thi meri 11th standard ki class photo.. jisme sare bache ek halki si muskurahat ke sath pose banaye khade the…mai bhi khadi thi us photo me…. Theek apni class teacher ke peeche….. wo photo dekhte hi wo pura samay chakra meri aankho ke samne dobara ghumne laga… or subse pehle jo mujhe yad aaya wo tha class ka wo din jub mujhse pucha gaya ki mai kya banna chahti hu or maine jawab diya journalist…. Class me baithe baki ke 45 baccho ki 90 aankhe mujhe kuch is kadar ghurne lagi ke mano maine koi dusri bhasha ka prayog kar dia ho… ye hiona wajib bhi tha kyuki waha baithe har bache ka ek hi sapna tha… docter/engineer banna…

Kher iske alava usme se mujhe purane note bhi mile jo puri tarah gal gae the… haalaki wo jyada purane nahi the par wo rakhe kuch is tarah the ki unka galna lazmi tha… ye wahi note the jo mujhe apna school top karne ki khushi me mile the…. Rs.1500, kehne ko ye behad choti rakm hai par mere liye yehi meri daulat hai…

En sub se chupakar maine or kuch bhi rakha tha or wo tha ek pyara sa tohfa jo mujhe kisi khas ne dia tha… us umr me jo ehsas tha wo pyar tha ke nahi ye mujhe nahi pata par jo tha apne samay ke liye bahtareen tha… par mere liye to dunia ka subse khubsoorat tohfa wo hi rahega or wo hai bracelet… nago se jada wo ek nayab sa tohfa , mere liye hi bana tha …. Aur jub bhi mai usey pehanti thi to meri aankho me khushi ki lehar daud jati thi...

Motio ki mala jaisi hamari zindagi bhi ktne hi khubsoorat lamho se bani hai … jinhe hum pal pal jeete hai…. Ye hamara haq hai or hamare farz bhi ki hum apni zindagi ko kabhi udaas na hone de or uska har lamha , har pal, khushio se labalab kar de…

Thursday, January 27


Kal 26 january thi.. yani ki hamara republic day.. Rashtrapati bhavan se lekar india gate tak log hi log the jo apni desh bhakti ki bhavna ka bakhan karne aaye the.. mai bhi gayi thi waha... or waha par baithe logo ka utsah dekhkar mann khush ho gaya.. ki aaj bhi aise bhartiye hai jo national holiday ko sone ke bajaye subah subah milo dur paidal chalkar jhankia dekhne jate hai...... or agar in logo me koi aisi machine lagai jaye jisse hum inki deshbhakti naap sake to mai gurantee ke sath keh sakti hu ki sare meter ki suiya tut jayengi...
par zara aap sochiye... ki subse jyada abhimaan , subse jyada deshbhakti sirf 26 january or 15 august ko hi kyu hota hai.... kyu isi din hum apne desh ke jawano or krantikario ko yad karte hai,... kya inki kurbani mehaz en chand dino ki mohtaz bankar reh gayi hai....kyu hume deshbhakti ke geet sunkar hi humari sanskriti par garv hota hai...... kya hamare busy schedule ke aage inka balidaan itna chota ho gaya hai ki hume inke aage sar natmastak karne ka samay bhi nai milta... kyu hum sirf isi din kehte hai ki we are proud to be an indian.. saal ke baki ke 364 din hume bhartiye hone par garv nahi hota... hamare desh me kai log aise bhi hai jo inke atulye sahas or jazbe ko bhula baithe hai or 26 jan. or 15 aug. inke liye national holiday se jyada or kuch nahi hai...
mujhe pata hai en sawalo ke jawaab aaj tak kisi ko nahi mile or na milenge kyuki insaan aaj itna khudgarz ho gaya hai ki wo apne alava kisi or ke bare me na hi sochna chahta hai or na sochne ki koshish karta hai... aise me mujhe garv hai apne dost jt par jo apne desh ko har pal , har lamha yaad karta hai or uspar garv karta hai... mai kisi ke mann ne apne desh ke liye bhav nahi jaga sakti par ek vinti kar sakt hu ki agar aap apne desh ke liye kuch jyada nahi kar sakte to bus itna kar le ki rashtriya gaan ke waqt yani ke mehaz 51 second ke liye hi sahi. apne tan man or dimaag teeno se .. khud ko desh ko samarpit ke liye samarpit kare...

Tuesday, January 25

Relationship portability….

Kuch dino pehle ek nayi scheme bazaar me aayi hai …jise sub number portability ke naam se jante hai… iske according hum apna number change kiye bina apna operator change kar sakte hai… hmm… mujhe pata hai ye behad hi dil chasp scheme hai par zara sochiye agar humari zindagi me jitney bhi relations hai, unme bhi portability aa jaye to….matlub insaan wahi rahe par uske sath rishta badal jaye. I know bohat hi jyada interesting changes aayenge… sabse pehli cheez jo mere dimaag me click kari wo thi ke mai apne teachers ko apna student bana lungi because har student ki tarah mujhe bhi yehi lagti hai ki mujhe apne teachers se jyada aata hai… and second baat jo mere dimaag me aayi wo thi apni mumma ko apna bacha banana ki… kher iske to do reasons hai… pehla ye ki aaj tak jitni bhi dant mujhe padi hai aaj tak subka chun chun k badla le lungi and secondly meri maa ne aajtak mere liye jo bhi kiya hai usey repay kar sakungi.. vaise ek or jagah hum relationship portability laga sakte hai or wo hai office… office me apne bosss ko apna junior bana lo … or phir jitni bhi band usne aapki bajai hai , aap uski usse double bajana.. aapka hisaab bhi barabar ho jaega.. or kaha kaha relationship portability aap laga sakte hai… sochiyega… I know aisa such to ho nahi sakta par khayali pulav pakane me kya harz hai mere dost…. Sochte rahiye …. Aasar ke sath or apna khayal rakhiye…. Haste rahiye muskuratte rahiye… kyuki ye dunia behad haseen hai mere dostJJ

Monday, January 24


could anybody imagine the benefits of price rise of petrol and diesal... and if not benefits can you atleastthink about the uses of this inflation.. if not then you should surely read it.... petrol and diesal mehange hone ka subse bada fayda ye hoga ki you can gift it to anybody.... kisi ki shadi me, birthday me... de aao usey... by god ki kasam, banda khush ho jayega or aapko bhi nahi sochna padega ki kya de kya na de… and aap hi socho ….aap bhi to aisa hi gift hi dena chahte the jo useful hone ke sath sath memorable ho.. to fir isse jyada better option kaha milega or janab bataega bhi kaun… acha ek or use batati hu petrol diesal ko aap as a currency bhi use kar sakte hai…. Pehle ke zamane me dal, chawal, gehu ki boria as a token of give and take use hoti thi .. In this respect I think that history repeats itself ka nara ekdum best sabit hoga.. moreover zara sochiye agar aapki gadi petrol diesel ki mehak se hi chalne lage to… aapka kitnaa kharcha bachega….. bus thodi thodi der me gadi ko sughante rahiye… haa, thoda time consuming hai but sochiye aapke paise kitne bachenge.. kuch bachane ke liye kuch to khona padega na… and one more thing aap ki kasrat bhi hoti rahegi…..acha ek or trend maine dekha hai aajkal wo hai ke aajkal game show me bhi petrol diesel as a gift price milne laga hai .. ye bhi badia hai… kuch nahi to petrol diesel hi de do … …

Vaise kuch bhi kaho aaj ka market dekhte huye ek bat to pata lag gai… khane, peene or jarurat…. Teeno hi cheese ek hi rate par mil rahi hai… Rs.65/-.. only… arey yar mere kehne ka matlab hai pyazz, petrol or paua.. aka beer .. teeno k eek hi rate hai.. what a anomaly na… par on a serious note mujhe ab ye lagna laga hai ke b wo din dur nahi jub car, scooter ke saath petrol diesel nahi, Petrol diesel ke sath car , scooter free aayega… and sath me cycle bhi di jayegi…so that in case of emergency wo bhi kaam aa jaye… chaliye… aaj ke liye etne hi kafi tha.. phir kabhi or likhungi kisi naye topic par kachar kachar karne .. till then take care…… cya… love u allJJ