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Thursday, February 17


Yesterday our honorable prime minister addressed a press conference which was marked by the presence of eminent journalists and editors of electronic media including Rajdeep Sardesai. The motto of this press conference was to cover up and oil the trust engine of the population who have lost the faith in the union government due to recent and upcoming scams and opening up of the boxes containing serious corruption cases. To some extent our PM waxed out the allegations made on his government in recent times but somewhere he proved to be totally blunt and somewhere totally helpless.
He answered some questions with very ease like what is the possibility that the budget session will continue or on the political deadlock in west Asia, how will India react to it or if that type of situation persisted in India.He reverted with very perfect and satisfying answers but when he was asked about the 2G scam and Antrix Devas scam , he totally outbusted the expectations of the people who were watching him at that time and was waiting for his verdict on these issues. If we summarize his reply to these controversies then its a one line answer "we are looking into this , probes are being carried out by CBI officials and any culprit possessing high post will not be apologized due to dignity of his status and portfolio".This was the most obvious answer which could be easily interpreted if it was left unspoken also. Why he gave such baseless replies only two people knows number 1) he himself and number 2) Sonia Gandhi.
when asked about the ongoing talks with ULFA group , he was well and good with his statement as no leader can predict the flow of talks with any second party.
Some topics were left untouched in yesterday's press conference like biggest FDI investment, the POSCO deal, Permanent seat in UN in the security council, black money in swiss bank and census going on in the country.
For the conclusion I would like to say that its was little disheartning when he was singing the choir of coalition government again and again and blaming the same for giving the portfolio of telecom ministry to A Raja. He also said that TRAI was well informed of the fact the the licences were being granted on first come first serve basis. Although he tried to clear all the allegations of backroom talks being made on officials working in PMO on Antrix-Devas contract , but it was more petrified and highlighted due to Arnab's demean behaviour towards our prime minister which also received lot of criticism to him.

Wednesday, February 16

mobile mania

India -> what to say about Indians, we are just exemplary for the world population. Unique Language, Unique style, Unique physique, Unique habits and moreover Unique gadgets too but unlike these unique qualities we have antique addiction.
Number of mobile phone users in India rose from 5 million to 752 million by Feb 2011 and nearly 40 million of people in India are unemployed, now my point is that what these workless people do with cell phones, more probably they must be searching jobs, as most of the telecom operators give "job alerts" through messages (i know its illogical to compare the above two parameters, so just read it for the sake of fun)

Now not only teenagers but even middle aged people are now obsessed with their tring tring device (o please i am talking about cell phones, don't get confused with the ringtone as it sounds like that of landline one), out of every 10 people (ranging from 30-40 years of age) , atleast 6 can be easily pointed out from the crowd who will be deeply involve in their cell phones. Faces are straight on the road but mind is in on the screen of the device moreover one can easily notice the fingers dancing over the keypad. Half of the mobile maniac people are in practice of typing the message without seeing the keypad or screen (i am one of them), and nearly 90% of people talk while they walk that too in a midstreet which accounts 7% of the total road accidents. But still they continue as it is the best IDEA to stay fit and healthy. I salute their conscience of being health conscious.
Now on a serious note using mobile phone lays a very cascading effect on heart, ears and mind (conditional, if the user have).So try to talk less and stay apart from that life trenching device
(which is impossible), Scientists believe that talking on the phone (wireless) for more than 2 hour a day can cause severe headaches or more precisely brain tumor, keeping cell phones by your side even when you are on your bed, can lead to anxiety or lack of sleep too.
There is a short experience i want to share with you all guys, years back i participated in extempore competition and my topic for the same was "hazardous effects of mobile phones" and believe me i spoke blunder on that platform. I know its quite stupid of me to think that mobile phones are hazardous because they intrude the personal life and moreover give exposure to the ponographic world but at that time I was quite young to understand the main atrocity of the device.
Please guys try to stay at a distance from this device , as its impossible to stay apart as it connects your loved ones with you and moreover helps in maintaining the social contacts and networks but nothing is more important than your health ....Remember "JAAN HAI TO JAHAN HAI"