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Wednesday, April 6

victory which is meant for team india..

Although the match was being played by the players in the stadium, the mental game and stress was overcoming the cerebrum of every spectator, whether a girl or boy, lesbo or gay,Hindu or Muslim, Indian or Sri Lankan... no geographical boundaries , no caste boundation.. because cricket doesn't know it, for asia , its  like religion... commonly followed by other religions.Each and every soul was sticked for 8 hours in Wankhade Stadium at Mumbai where ICC Cricket World Cup Final match was being played between India and Sri lanka.Thousands  of Witnesses , lakhs of aspirations .. people were overwhelmingly waiting for the moment when team India will lift up the magnificent trophy.
But whose win it was , ofcourse it was of team India, but who is actually responsible for it.. no doubt that it was a team work but still one or the two should be credited for the same. Was it Gambhir, who batted stupendously and kept the foundation of some early must needed runs pr was it Zaheer, who struck out most important wickets from the Srilankan side or was it Sachin who was source of inspiration and motivation for team India.Being the seniormost player of the team, he is respected a l ot and it is for him and only him for whom the team India wants to win the cup.
Its never too late for our little master blaster, who played 6 world cups and managed to get through it only in the last one.
All is well that ends well
and thats what the story is all about.It was a victory.. a grand win.... and our government is making it more grand by granting them with some grand prize money.. I know only a few will support me but there is a big doubt in my mind that why the are over bundled with the bundle of notes when they are already having plenty of it. That same money can be utilized for opening up the cricket academies in the various districts or more specifically backward districts from where the future Yuvraaj and Zaheer could come out of the shell...
I hope somebody could think over this ... giving land to them is good idea but building up a better infrastructure for those who lack money but have ample amount of talent can be the best option..
well the country is in festive mood and nobody is interested to think about the same...  but being written in indiana thoughts atleast this thing should be considered by the youth...