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Saturday, May 14


Finally it is the end. A big fullstop on the left rule which prevailed in west Bengal for 34 years.

A long journey they travelled with long aspiring people, they did some mistake but flaunted of the developmental stage too. what could be more defining than this that they ruled that state for 34 years. No doubt, they ruled the state well but during their last regime , they tried to travel two boats at one time but they forgot that the sea in which they were travelling was downstream .. it was known that one day these boats are going to part away. One boat was full of lucratives deals for the corporates and buisness tycoons and other boat was full of hollow promises and policies for the mango people. The left ruled party was trying to magnetise monetary gain  on one hand and on the other hand they were mistakingly trying to convince the people that they were still concern for them, the govt. cares for them and they were doing a lot for their development but actually there was  nothing like that. The left govt. was just pretending that they work intensively for their public.
It might had happen that leftists have thought that "these people are already in our hand let us concentrate on the big corpos" , and this was their biggest mistake.
on the other hand MAMTA BANERJEE proved pain relief medicine for the down trodden and misered people. she spread ointment on the wounds which the leftist had given. she cried with their sorrows and laughed out loud on their jokes. In short , she striked when the Iron was hot.People were full of aggression on the ruling govt. due to Singhur and Nandigram issue , on this Mamta came as a super Women , she filled their minds with the spirit of change and the results are here.
this was the huge tornado , which was being suppressed from last many years and at end this bursted and ruling came into the hands of COBRA from ANACs...