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Saturday, April 30


She came to me with tears in her eyes which were slightly reddish, her heart was broken although could not be seen but i can feel although, jumble thoughts as she was not able to convey what she wants to or rather she was confused what to say and what not to.The nostalgia she was suffering from was obvious and worth saddening as any daughter would cry out to the heart when she will suddenly come to know that her father who was once full of life and zeal has now become an ailing patient of liver cancer with no cure other than transplantation. Days back he was enjoying cricket fever with the whole country but now the same country is reluctant to help him out in his tough times. There is no shortage of money in his bank accounts, what he really lack is just a liver for transplantation and he needs it desperately as he is survived by a lovely wife and two sweet daughters, one in 10th grade and another in 5th.
This is just a one case, there are lakhs of pending cases which are awaiting the body organs for transplantation. why is it so that being the centre of cheapest medical science and health amenities in the world , we are lacking in the modern mindset of the Indians that body organs should not be donated after death as the next incarnation will be an ailing body for that same organ which you have donated before.when we will understand that we are in 21st century and these all things are rubbish. Humanity stands for helping others in difficult times but if it fails then belive me we don't have any right to call ourself humans.
what i just want to say is that if you cant help others in living period you can atleast do it after death by pledging your body organs to the people who needs them. May it happen that you could become the reason for one's haappiness and life. those who thinks that these all things are rubbish then let me make it clear that next it could  be you or your near ones ,when they are suffering and there is nobody to help you along at that very moment you will realize that what is a value of each and every helping hand that you are expecting to come towards you....