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Saturday, May 28


Although the above term is defined for the place between the LOC of the two countries but here it is used for the all the drama co related with the land acquisition.
first of all what is this land acquisition all about??? its just about the buying the land from the villagers at the low cost and selling the same land to private developers at double the cost. in short government is acting like a middlemen.
 On one side there are some humble farmers who are fighting for more compensation for their land and on the other side there is the most humble government of the century who is trying to do some business out of the bitter blood of farmers.. bitter because the blood is indeed mixed with the farmer's sweat .. sweat of their livlihood , sweat of their hard work , but before reaching to any of decision we should always consider both the sides of the coin.. now being  a common person i will like to enshrine the part of the farmers.... immensely poor, deeply sad and no food to eat , these three lines can describe them best , they had only one source of income that is farming on their ancestral land and if not so lucky enough , some of them are landless labourers who used to earn their living by working on some other's land. Now when in 2008, government acquired this fertile agricultural land forcefully as quoted by the villagers living in the debated area that is BHATTA - PARSAUL. They also said that they were not given apt compensation for their land just 845 per sq. meter.
so at the end of the day , they were left with nothing , land gone with only handful of money. 
Now lets come to government part, according to it, they paid the money to the villagers in accordance with the current market price value of that moment. now its their fault that the land prices has gone up and now the market value of the same land has incited nearly the double of the past rate. moreover one more thing is pinching the villagers that the neighbouring village of bhatta parsaul had directly sold out that land to the private builders in nearly double rate that is 1800 per sq. metr.
If we belive the sources the fact is that at first the people of BHATTA -PARSAUL was much more than satified with the compensation, they bought bolero, tractor and every item which could satisfy their gist of happiness and high standard but as the time passed, money also passed out of their hands and they were left with empty handed, now for their livlihood they don't have any source and as a result they are torturing the government for more green paper. but thats not enough, even the government is not milk bathed , according to the Land Acquisition act , government can acquire fertile land only in condition when that land is being used for setting up a public infrastructure or any public goods, but here the main motto of the government is mere business.
and into all this the politics enters, politics for vote bank , politics for rule and politics of hunger. Rahul and Sachin , the new generation jumped into the politics.. finally...............