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Saturday, March 26


every now an then we think about promoting girls education and literacy in underdeveloped regions of India, and of course this is worth doing also, this is the need of the hour and the country and even the economy... as these girls will be leading the country or may be some corporate houses like Ms.Indira Nooyi, but just a give thought that in the race of generating another Indira Nooyi , aren't we loosing another Vishwanathan Anand or may be a would be Mukesh Ambani or A P J Abdul kalam. It is a fact and had been proved that we and even the Government is ignoring the literal interest of boys in education in wake of stopping the depressing film being played by the anti social people. In simple language government is ignoring the boys education due to being more attentive towards girls education
Area which is said to be the busiest market in the busiest city is the main eye witness of my above quoted words. Sadar Bazar, one of the biggest whole sale market have several parts in it. Out of it Deputy Ganj is the place famous for utensils and bangles.... behind this place, their are two buildings which is clearly depicting that they are the energizing roots of new education policy i.e "Sarva Siksha Abhiyan". but sadly these two buildings are far different with each other..   one of them is well cemented, polished and nicely maintained and another one is nothing less than a haunted house... damaged outer structure and demeaned inner structure.., it will definitely make you run out of that place. now you must be expecting that the former one is for the boys and the latter one for the girls but it is totally opposite... the well furnished one is for the girls and the well damaged one is for the leading boys.. The matter i want to raise is not only from the infrastructural point of view but till now, i mean i am using that way from last two years and i have never seen a single teacher taking any classes and most of the time the school is locked and the boys all with innocent looks sitting outside haplessly....
What to say more.. i think i am capable of making you understand my thoughts and ideas through my words... so what we really need to is that even i don't know... we could only pray that in the race of encouraging girls... might  the boys are not left behind...