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Wednesday, February 23


A special court comprising eminent and experienced judge namely Mr. P R Patel, have charged 31 people as a culprit in godhra train burning charged with the crime of murder and planning the controversy.Apart from this 63 other people have been acquitted for the same.What I told you above is not something unheard or unseen, nearly all the newspapers of today's date are designed with the same headlines with the bulk of matter and in depth facts but here we are not going all those things. We will talk about the groundings of the incident.
It all started when i was just one year old, a political party rally was conducted by Bhartiya Janta party in the Faizabad district near Ramkot hill,and incidentally it developed into a riot involving 150,000 people .This riot harmed the Babri mosque and at that moment nearly 2000 muslims lost their lives.Moreover the mosque was built on the vulnerable point which is quite sacred for hindus, what i mentioned earlier i.e. Faizabad , was actually the Ramjanmbhumi ... THE AYODHAYA. People and even the evidence says that the demolition was not a incident but it was a planned strategy played by BJP politicians including Advani and Rajnath Singh.
Various investigative commissions were formed and seated but no clear result was evicted out of it.
Then in Feb2002 , train returning from the same Ayodhaya city was put on fire by some Muslim protagonist . The train was carrying the Kar sevaks (volunteers) returning from the holy city in Sabarmati Express. It is believed that these Kar sevaks had some quarrel with the Muslims Hawkers and hence the mob started out followed by stone pelleting by the Muslim majority present at that time on the Godhra Station.Earlier investigations suggested that it was not planned but the special investigation team projected it as the conspiracy and the guilty award was given to Maulana Umarji( who has been convicted as innocent in today's verdict given bu the honorable court just because there is no evidence proving him guilty).Following these Massacre, once again Hindu Muslim Riots commenced in Secular state of India and hence nearly 2000 people died as post Godhra incident.
This was all about the backgrounder of GODHRA KAND, one more case is related to this brutality , the best bakery case but it will definitely become overdose for you.
But before ending give a thought on these words said Dalai Lama

Monday, February 21


The only permanent thing in this world is change.... what a great saying....
even I believe so.. And same is happening in the middle east and western Asia, where the common people are fighting for political reformation and change in the ruling system. From last one month , political deadlock in one or in the other country is being observed. starting from Tunisia to Egypt, Jordan to Yemen , from Bahrain to Kuwait and Libya to may be some other country very soon. This is indeed a very positive sign towards the way of independence and freedom. People living in these countries are demanding nothing more then human rights, public services , job opportunities. If you go for in depth reasons then you will come to know what is the actual problem behind their massive demonstration and proceedings .
People in Bahrain are quarreling for changing the ruling power in the country as the ruler himself belong to Sunni community and the majority population belongs to Shia one. Population of Libya and Yemen are having more or less same problem . The man ruling the Libya is on the seat from last 40 years and since then the people are suffering from inflation (although its not a disease but still people suffer from it), lack of human rights and no freedom at all. Kuwait is not far behind from above specified countries , it is also looking for some revolution in political scenario of the country. A wind of revolution more specifically rotation had been started blowing from the west Asia. Who will be next , only common man knows. May be china or Pakistan, even the news flashed today about the protest in china but will it continue or how long it will continue its not fixed but Pakistan is in a serious need of reformation as the common man aka mango people are living in a very hyped and tight condition , inflation is at par and corruption at Zenith . But the thing is that what these mango people will fight for Democracy???? it is already their..... then!! they should fight for themselves within their self. They have to stand for their rights and wrong done with them by the government.They have to raise their voice against the immorality. Its not only for the pakistanis or libyans but its for every human being in this world...Be true for what you are, what you want and what you deserve ... then only you can expect your government to be truthful and loyal towards you