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Saturday, March 5


Attacks on human beings, attacks on humanity was not enough for the live leeches , when this time they attacked directly on the faith. This time their target was shrine of saint Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It was the period of Ramzan and evening prayers were just concluded when a blast occured in the courtyard, and killed many people.The dargah was said to be overcrowded since it was the time when the muslims gathered their for opening their fast in the holy month. It was disguised on the part of the doers that they chose such a sacred month but as it is said that terror has no religion and so with terrorist, they did what they thought of but fortunately they didn't succeeded in it. It is a well known fact that the shrine is visited by the people of all religion including Hindu,Sikh and Christians and this was the thing which couldn't get digested in the attacker's abdomen, and they chalked out the plan of exploding the belief , breaking the trust and burning the faith, but since God can even decide what is evil and what is good, he saved many lives and made sure that none of his followers were hurt!!
Now when the police investigated the whole scene , at first the award of this explosive act was awarded to Pakistan based "lashkar-e-taiba"(LET) and the reason was said to be the differences between conservative Muslim society and Indian Islamic Tradition.Later in October 2010, 5 other people were convicted who were said to be the Indian counterpart of LET, and out of it 4 were the members of Rashtriya Swyam Sevak(RSS), this was not the first time when the Hindu Nationalists were convicted for any crime, Samjhauta Express and Malegaon Blast(which you will be reading in further upcoming posts) were also under screening for the same sangh. 
Out of the four convictors from RSS, two of them Abhinav Bharat and Aseemanand claimed that they had conceived two Muslim boys from ISI Pakistan, and RSS was allegedly involved in the whole planning.Later in the February , spokesperson of RSS organized the press conference and declared that the Sangh is being defamed by the culprit members and the chief of RSS, Mohan Bhagwat is being threatened by the same.
Its hard to believe that RSS was not at all involved in the whole scene, since their is an evidence that other members like Indresh kumar and Sunil Joshi have direct contact with the 4 accused Hindu Nationalist.
This was the event when the "Saffron Terror" term gained its popularity and worse politics was played and is being played in India

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