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Tuesday, May 3

A Big Question Mark????

Being a student of mass communication and journalism, i do have lots of queries and questions in my mind and belive me everytime I try my best to satisfy those questions by getting answers from here and there. Although taking word of mouth from my seniors , my friends, my grandpa is the most intrusive way to build up my point of view as i think so but this question is flying in my mind since the time i read about it in the newspaper. I ask my friends about them but they seemed the topic irrelevant, i asked my seniors but thy too were not interested in it, at last i went to my grandpa hoping that he will solve my anxiety but to my haplessness he too failed in it. Now before you get aggresive I think i should deliver what my question is all about. Its very simple and easy.. its about the POSCO deal , the biggest foreign investment in India till date. it is an South Korean company which had acquired  land in Orissa to set up one of the biggest mining projects their, cutting huge amount of trees and clearing acres of forest and natural beauty, although the project was hanging around from  long time waiting for the approval from the environment ministry and it happened only a day back that it had gone clearance from the same to destruct the 1200 hectare of forest land.
its very disheartening to know that on one side we are saying the supporting the noble cause of save environment  and on the other hand we are blindfolded with the cloth threaded with money and selling our greenry for the sake of so called development and employment junctures for the localites.
i know the people sitting there. in the raisina are much more intelligent and experienced than me, being immpartial i want to mention that the env. ministry had laid down some substantial points for the Korean Company for the rehabiliation of the forest land but the point is that who is going to see in it that whether these contractual points are being followed or not as money given, hunger over is the only mantra for today's bureaucrats but still somewhere for giving a fake respect to them i belive there might be some positivity in it, but this question is torturing my mind that how could they do it, is development the only reason for which they had agreed upon the FDI or there is any other favor on the part of our ministry, frankly speaking the monetary favor, if Raja can do it why can't Ramesh, after they all belong to same genome that is politics actually "dirty politics" because there are still some leaders who do politics for the sake of good.
if anybody gets the answer for my question that why the posco deal had been approved inspite of the furious agitation from the local people, inspite of knowing  the prons and cons of the deal, inspite of knowing that how badly mining affects our environment, inspite of knowing that we are in immense need of saving our environment.. why???why posco is still in India.. please let me know.


  1. i think the present need of people in orissa is not safe environment but a poverty free, economically developed region.This is actually a debate between no degradation and development where one comes at the cost of another.

  2. thanx sakshi.. for your views