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Thursday, May 5


Plz note: When i was working on my previous article, my one of the senior asked me that why i don't write anything positive about India, at that very moment I took him for granted but later i thought actually he was write,Indiana Thoughts is all about thoughts... positive or negative who cares.. so my this post is dedicated to my senior "tb"
Thinking positive about India is not a difficult task but writing  positive about India is a tedious task atleast for me, i know thats very rude of me but its a truth. 
it is defined as the activity in which we are indulge right from our childhood and will be continue to practice it till we die.when we were in school, we always used to have race amongst our friends and classmates that who will become the favorite student of the class teacher and the class in which this all started is something nursery or kg. that means a child who is just a 3 to 5 years old also knows what favoritism is, although for them it is just like childhood fantasy but we all know that it is just a seed germinating in their humble mind. Actually it all get started right from their birth when mumma papa favors a boy child rather than a girl and to their haplessness the mumma delivers a girl chid, here the favoritism gets deepen and that girl have to suffer this "f-ism" for the whole life. now if we move further, during practicals exams in school or may be in a college teachers and professors of course favor their favorite student and mark them with a much better grade than what they actually deserve, no matter how they performed during the viva session, the student comes out from the chamber and says cooly "अरे मेरे तो full marks लगेगे  , ये प्रोफेस्सर तो अपनी जेब में है "
(this is a true case i encountered very recently.) 
Apart from this while giving out tenders in PSU's (as favoritism prevails minimum in private sector  except in the promotional job)this f word wins out all the strategies, what could be much better example than CWG and 2g spectrum case.
These were the just some instances were Indians take outstanding stage to showcase their real talent , there is lot more to tell and much more to reveal.
Favoritism does not sounds sophisticated, so for making it more professional and more ideal, our Indian education system have given it the name of lobbying.. meaning influencing someone for your sake.
now after reading this, aren't you feeling proud of India. its the only country in the world teaching you the futuristic tooling techniques  right from the childhood  so that you could have a glorious life and this same thing you can pass on to your generations to keep this heritage alive which we have received from our forefathers.


  1. merci beacoup as dey say in frnch!
    thnk god ur snrs poked u!
    n takng abou india apart 4rm coruptn India has hell lot of +vz...n cumon whch country dsnt hav loop holes!
    usa -economic downfall
    japan-natural disaters....so on so forth!
    no backng out hinDuStAn rock....!