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Friday, February 11


What you have perceived from the movies like isqiya, peepli live, ye salli zindagi, omkara, kaminey.... Apart from being the flawless pieces of art and great generator of Indian type of fun with enthusiasm, they are the biggest examples as how you can use slags in a conversational manner. From every desi gaali to english types stylish abuse, they have everything which today's youth enjoy.
Namaskar , Namaste , Salaam , Aadaab had became outdated and the conversation begins with the most popular word starting with f......... facebook ,although the word you thought is second most popular and the most common salutation used to greet friends.
As every field here also girls are on the front foot , puking each and every type of bad words from reverse to extreme condition irrespective of the fact to whom they are talking to except their parents (since girls are very caring for their parents , i think more than boys) otherwise they can abuse anyone from a stranger to their boyfriends, classmate to their teachers. Although the last person I mentioned before are not intentionally prized with those mischievous words but somehow openly or between the friends there is nobody left who is not abused one time or the other.. and its a bitter truth.
If girls are on the front foot that doesn't mean that boys are lagging behind in this list too. Perhaps they are the most deserving competitor of the girls. They look out for more advanced version of each and every "modern salutation".Most of the boys have awesome vocab , but sadly 90% out of this are slags.
Earlier people used to abuse in a very humble manner.. Remember the scene from Sholay where Jai is shouting "Basanti en kutto ke samne mat nachana" or "kutte mai tera khoon pee jaunga", you only decide , isn't it sweet? how generous na!!!!
What i mean to say is that its not like that people don't use to abuse before... they do abuse but in a very different way. Years back people used to do ample comparision of humans with various animals , most wanted were dogs and donkeys, but now the vulgarity of modern abuse is related to women which is totally unacceptable to the ears of wide range of people.... (i am talking about the oldies)
Gen Y gushes out these words out of excitement , aggression or hurry but can you... yes you ... can you justify this co-relation of speech and mood.
Well this is a endless topic as how to mind the speeches of upcoming future but what i want to say is that please guys do watch whom you are abusing to... if its your friend its ok... I can't help it but if its somebody elder than you then remember one thing as you are doing to him... what if his children abuse your father or your elders?????

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