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Sunday, February 6


The time in which we took birth was predefined and decided and the moment when we will end up our journey is also decided but unfortunately we don't know when this is going to reach the destination or going towards termination, we even don't have the clue. so enjoy this short life because how death is going to approach us , we can't imagine also.
just think , people dying in any train accident or bus accident... all from different zones, families, background, caste but since their timings of colliding with the death stone is same, they got aggregated at one place or situation and died. Before a day or two, 9 boys, seated on the top of the train while returning from the recruitment fair, suffered loss of life when they collided with a low over bridge. all of them were from different backdrops and started their life at different moments but sadly they all ended it together.Many people voluntarily end their lives and commit suicide just because they are pissed up of their personal and social life but that is not the valid reason to reject and insult the humble gift of god.
we humans are the luckiest on this earth as we have brain to think and react. you never know what you are going to be in your next incarnation, may be a dog or a cat or just an ant, who can't enjoy their lives as we humans can. start facing your problems positively an if you can't live for yourself then live for others, for the one who love you, cares about you because
You never know which moment can bring last breath for you, so if you have some incomplete work left for now or some other day then this is the time to do it.
Go and get all the happiness you want to have and speak up whatever you couldn't as this time is irreversible and in future you may not get time to fulfill your wishes.Live out each and every moment with your near and dear ones before you realize that its too late for regretting too.
Reach out your each and every ambition and try to find out smiles in sorrows.
Help yourself and help others too . Be an optimist and set examples for others that how to be a lively human being.
Don't let anyone harm you or control you....don't give chance to anyone to overshadow your emotions and to become your weakness. Do what you feel and stop being dependent on others for any mental or emotional support..
At the last don't forget that nothing is going to stop after your decay, this world was, is and will continue to work after you too... then why we shouldn't we live the life till the end...
Gandhi said "DO OR DIE"
but its now me saying "DO BEFORE YOU DIE"
this post is dedicated to my all those friends who are in big confusion as what to do in life and how to do it.....